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High kcal foods and supplements

Sometimes it is necessary to eat foods that aren't "healthy". If you have put in a big day of training and just need to get in some kcalories! It's ok to get that burger and fries. Just don't make it your go to meal after every session.

The thing to remember is to ensure you are still getting your daily intake of micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) so that your body will function properly.

Taking a daily multi-vitamin should only be used after a Dr's advice. So don't think you can eat take-out all day and pop a vitamin and you'll be good to go.

You'll be missing your daily intake of fibre and fibre has a role to play in removing cholesterol from your body. 

Studies also show that nutrient absorption is higher in real foods compared to multi-vitamin supplementation.

Supplements are everywhere. So many to choose from, so may placebo effects. 

You know that tingly sensation after taking a pre-workout, its the beta-alanine activating your nerve endings. The pre-workout effects are largely generated from the caffeine, so taking these in the afternoon or later is not great to aid in sleep. Which is when you'll benefit from that hard workout anyways.

Protein powders are a great quick way to supplement, but again do not make it a staple and replace all your protein sources with them. You'll be missing on micros. Unless you are in a body composition competition you need to eat whole foods for protein and only supplement when needed.

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