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Nutrition Services

Reach your health and weight goals with a proven fueling plan.

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Multi or single sport coaching options.

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Danny Robdrup

Head Coach

I can help you reach your goals with a proven performance plan, nutrition planning, race prep, and for the female athletes; a specific plan that works with your menstrual cycle

 I am constantly pushing the limits of what can be accomplished as a masters athlete.


Check out the highest quality bike map for the 2022 edition of Ironmans 2nd oldest race location, Penticton B.C. and learn more about what it takes to get there.

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Credential: Level 1 Certification with Precision Nutrition

Nutrition Services

By understanding why you eat, how to eat and when to fuel, you can regain control of your fueling habits for a healthy life and increased quality of life. Reducing your risk of some diseases and cancers. Food is a natural, no-pill, drug-free way to control how you feel and perform in your daily life. Your gut and brain are more connected than you realize.
Combine proper fueling with daily exercise and you'll be living a healthy and happy life.

Nutrition Services Options


Sprints to ultras


Time Trials to Century's


Pool & Open Water

Fitness Testing

Endurance, Speed, Power, Agility,

Online videos

Creating informative videos so athletes can learn more about how their body works
and why we train the way we do

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