The journey can be a long one, so have someone in your corner.

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Ironman Canada Penticton - Bike course

This course is one 180km loop with some of the most scenic cycling in North America. The ride takes you through multiple towns and up 3 notable hills:

- McLean Creek Road
- Richter Pass
- Yellow Lake 

All 3 are very different and require individual attention.

McLean Creek is a short, sharp, winding climb on some rough, bumpy terrain.

Richter Pass is a 7km hill with an average grade of 3.5% with a few bursts of close to 10%.

With a small climb around 110km mark of the ride, Yellow Lake climb beigns shortly after. with 600m of elevation in this section, you'll want to take in

nutrition now to ensure you've taken in enough prior to the run. Its mostly downhill after this.

Pacing is absolutely critical, and ensuring nutrition and hydration are taken care of are a key aspect to this incredible course. 

With over 2100m of elevation, you will want to be prepared to tackle this by hitting those hill session in training many times in the lead up to this event.

Don't forget, there is a marathon after. 

To finish this event, you'll be required to ask something of your body that many people rarely ask. Make this journey easier by hiring a coach to build your personalized plan and be the support you may be missing.

Give yourself every chance to complete and compete on race day.

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